I like letters. I like words. What I love most is when letters and words combine to form sentences, it's a perfect combination, like strawberries and cream. That's why I write, the world in lines of black and white.

Five years ago my heart was stolen by a charming Dutchman, so I followed my heart, swapped waves for windmills and have been 'going Dutch' ever since. I am an English native speaker (Australian to be exact) now based in the Netherlands as a freelance writer. (Ik spreek inmiddels vloeiend Nederlands).

My experience as a writer includes copy writing for several brands, factual and opinion articles, interviews, blogging, scripts, concepts, brand manifestos and voiceovers. In a previous life I attained a bachelor degree in Sociology and Psychology. This study and the work that followed have equipped me with technical and analytical capabilities that combine well in combination with my creative skills as a writer. I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to expand my repertoire and abilities as a writer, whether it is an article that needs a voice I have never used before or a style or genre I am not familiar with. So with that in mind I feel I can make the bold statement that I will (try to) write anything, at least once.

If you want to know more please check out my portfolio and/or shoot me an email.

Kara Fraser

Here are a few more things you might like to know about me:

Since starting Refrased in 2011 I have built up a diverse writing portfolio. Here is a selection of my latest work which has included copywriting, articles, concepts and translations. If you would like to see more please feel free to visit the sites of the brands below or email me for more information.

My first article for NRC Next (nationally syndicated Dutch newspaper) about the charms, quirks and challenges of living in Holland as a foreigner. Click the image to read the gory details.

Nederlands is een lastige taal, met een hoop rare klanken waar je tong makkelijk van in de knoop raakt. Voor ons klinkt het vaak als dat pijnlijke gesprek dat je met de tandarts probeert te voeren, terwijl je daar in de stoel zit, mond open en met een hoop gereedschap in je mond. Het bekt niet lekker.

An intensive baptism of fire style introduction to the wonderful world of advertising in the form of a traineeship with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. We were a creative super team of 6, I was the writer. We worked on many diverse projects across a range of media including print, digital and film. We were lucky enough to work with brands like Nike, Heineken, Child Helpline International (CHI), Nuit Blanche Amsterdam, Fab-Lab Amsterdam to name but a few.

Nuit Blanche
We were asked to create the look and feel for the 2013 Nuit Blanche festival (art, music, culture) in Amsterdam. This included a poster campaign, designing signage for the venues, website content and social media content. My role in this was working on the overall concept, writing web and social media content and I designed the initial image for what became the key visual of the festival.

NIKE Turkey
As part of Nike's latest Just Do It campaign for Nike Turkey which featured the digital film called Human Printing Pres. The Kennedys were asked to come up with an activation that would engage young basketball fans in Istanbul, promote the Nike 3x3 Battle and Kevin Durant's visit to Istanbul. We created a huge mural above the Nike store in the Centre of Istanbul featuring Kevin Durant and the winners of the Nike 3x3 Battle were immortalized on the mural next to their basketball idol. I worked on the concept and wrote promotional web and social media content.

Heineken asked the Kennedys to devise activations linked to events and sports that the brand already sponsors. Unfortunately this work cannot be shown as it has not yet gone into production.

The Kennedys created a campaign (print and digital) for Children's Helpline International to raise awareness and rally telecoms to absorb the cost of phone calls to their toll free helplines around the world. My role within this project included working on the concept, creating the campaign title, developing the tone of voice for the campaign, writing scripts for a digital film and writing web content. This work cannot be shown as it has not yet been released.

I worked on scripts and concepts for a commercial to raise awareness of the organization that has recently been filmed in South Africa, this work is still in production.

Sea Shepherd
The Kennedys worked on concepts for a campaign and activations for Sea Shepherd to attempt to combat the issue of dolphins in captivity and encourage people not to support entertainment venues and parks that have dolphins (and other large cetaceans) in captivity.

HUB Amsterdam
We worked with the HUB Amsterdam and spent a day with 5 startup businesses who had taken part in the Hub 90 day challenge. We came up with names, logos, overall look and feel, concepts, tone of voice for the startups and at the end of the week we decided to continue on with one startup because we really liked her concept for a platform to raise awareness and make life easier for families who have a child with extreme allergies. We worked on developing the concept, we created a name (Allive), logo, overall look and feel, website blueprint and tone of voice. This project is currently still in development stage.

As a Kennedy I worked on several internal projects within Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. This included writing scripts, creating concepts, designing visuals, writing copy.

The once legendary NYC sneaker label has recently been re-launched under Dutch wings; breathing new life into the brand, bringing a modern twist to a brand with a cult status reputation. I worked on the concept and wrote the voiceover for the brand video that re-launched the brand in 2012.

For the genuine ones out there, the ones that dream, survive and do it now…
Whether you win, or lose
Read more at the PONY website

The worlds first lifestyle sock brand. I have been working with Alfredo Gonzales since their launch in 2011. In combination with the boys at Alfredo I have worked on their brand story, slogans, tag lines for products, press releases, social media posts, web content, film voiceovers, and concept for the sock puppet photo-booth at their latest collection launch party.

Alfredo Gonzales is the first lifestyle sock brand in the world.
The founder of this small brand, unknown to many, but a legend to some… is Alfredo Gonzales.
Inspired by, things, things he just loves.
Read and see more at the Alfredo Gonzales website

The premier Wind- and Kitesurfing brand in Holland with an ever increasing international presence and following. I have an ongoing working relationship with Mystic, my work for them includes: the brand story, team rider biographies, both technical and apparel product descriptions, social media posts, press releases, concept and script for films and voiceovers, on location blogging (photo shoots), slogan and texts for their latest campaign 'One Season'.

Mystic is there for the rider who stays out longer than anyone else, or the only rider mad enough to go out at all.
When you've got the right gear there's only one season, the right season.
Read more at mysticboarding.com/brandstory

We Are Pi

I was lucky enough to get to join the We Are Pi team (somewhere after the decimal point) to work with them on two pitches as a freelance creative copywriter. They won both.

Designed For Living

Writer for DFL, an online luxury interior design magazine.


I worked with PlusOne Design and Animation Studio on a voiceover for a collaborative project between Phillips and Deloitte.

De Bijenkorf

Content and voiceover for an internal presentation for the owner and board of the Bijenkorf.

Rode Kruis

English content for the Love Is Free campaign for awareness of the ongoing Syrian conflict.

Time Capsules and Little Quote Jar

I helped to develop the concept and establish the tone of voice for both of these products; including product copy and web content. See website


I have done a variety of translations from Dutch to English. Brand texts, corporate texts, tourist texts and web content.

CV, the whirlwind version.

September 1983 - 2009:
Born and bred in Sydney, Australia. Fled the parental nest to study in Queensland (same side, higher up).

Graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast (yes that is really what it's called) with a bachelor degree in Sociology and Community-Work with a double major; Psychology and Sociology.

Moved to Holland (it's a long story).

September 2011 - 2013:
Studied fine arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam.

2010 - current:
Refrased; Freelance English content, copy, concepts and translations (mainly Dutch to English).
Refrased is my own freelance writing business. I have worked for a variety of brands and businesses on a diverse range of copy, concept and translation projects.

2010 - Current:
Copywriter for 11am; advertising, photography and multi-media agency (part-time).
I continue to work regularly with 11am, mainly as a copywriter on in house projects and with several brands they represent. I have also worked with them on creative concepts and have assisted the art director on photo shoots.

2013 June - Dec:
'The Kennedys' traineeship at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.
A creative super team of six, I was the writer. We worked on many diverse projects across a range of media including print, digital and film. It was probably the most intense learning experience of my life. I crammed so much into my brain in seven months I've surely forgotten how to do everyday tasks like tying my shoelaces (never mind, that's what Velcro is for).

2014 - and beyond:
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